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    Things To Do in Japan During Winter

    Still on a winter high! I didn’t expect to be able to see snow this year although I’ve secretly written it on my planner. A simple sentence, “I want to see…

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    What To Wear For Winter

    Cold weather doesn’t only require us to change our beauty routine but also our wardrobe. And actually our lifestyle. In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my tips (based on…

  • rawr_12650932213_o

    The Cold-Weather Beauty Essentials

    I wasn’t in any of the cold-weather countries I would want to be in this winter but I’ll still be sharing some tips especially for my friends who are visiting Tokyo…

  • Kyoto Station

    Kyoto Travel Guide

    This 2015, I’ve been to Kyoto from Winter to Spring, skipped Summer and went back this Autumn. Yay! So thankful for all those wonderful memories I made. As per usual, I…

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    Winter in Takayama

    Just a mini update – I’m here now in Takayama, Gifu prefecture. Crossing it out on my first quarter of 2015 goals. It’s actually my first time here, so happy to…